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Aerodynamic Grain Cleaner AGM

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The AGM model separators can effectively clean the crop from debris and various impurities, and separate it into different fractions, depending on the size of the particles.

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Models are available in various capacities and

specifications (from 5 to 50 t/h).

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1 year warranty

Video overview

Principle of operation

 The principle of operation: the grain (source material), falling under the influence of the air flow, depending on the weight, shape, surface roughness, floatation of each grain, has a different trajectory of flight. This makes it possible to clean both fine seeds or grains as well as coarse seeds (beans, beans, maize).

AGM Models

Feature table


  • Operates with maximum efficiency

  • Grain is not injured by compressed air

  • Minimal energy consumption

  • Can be installed in confined spaces

  • Easy maintenance

  • Cleans material with high humidity

  • Long lifetime due to modern manufacturing process

The performance parameters of the equipment are informative and vary according to the type, quality, moisture and degree of contamination of the material to be cleaned.

Our other grain cleaners


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Drum pre-cleaner BS 5 

This separator model can effectively clean up to 13 t/h of grain using the sieves (which are easy to replace)

This separator model can effectively clean up to 600 kg/h of grain using the sieves (which are easy to replace)

This is a state-of-the-art pre-cleaner capable of picking up coarse debris up to 5 t/h and is mounted on an AGM 5

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