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Feed Mixer DM


DM 2

(volume 2 m3)


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DM feed mixer wagon. The DM is a forage mixer wagon that increases milk yield by utilising all forages evenly, which has been proven repeatedly by farms using this technology. It chops straw and hay and mixes it quickly with the other feed ingredients.

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Available in volumes from 2 to 16 m3

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1 year warranty

Feature table


  • Significantly reduces labour costs

  • Reduces feed waste by 30

  • Increases feed efficiency, resulting in 15% higher milk yields

  • Robust galvanised fittings.

  • Compactness

  • Easy to operate

  • Quick return on investment due to low maintenance costs

The performance parameters of the equipment are informative and vary according to the type, quality, moisture and degree of contamination of the material to be cleaned.

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Additional options

Hydraulic bucket
Positioning option: at the rear of the drum. Allows the mixer to be loaded independently (without the use of a loader) with different components.

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PTM weighing system (Italy)
Allows you to programme 15 rations and prepare and distribute feed in the correct proportion.When used correctly, it significantly improves milk reliability and livestock growth.

Additional damper​

Option of rear or left hand side (2 pieces can be ordered).
Allows the feed to be unloaded from the desired side.

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Stairs with platform
Positioning option: from the front.
Allows you to manually load the feed and view the mixing process.

Video overview

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