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He wanted to achieve a better % of barley purification and turned to us

Well friends, today I have a story for you that proves that sometimes in life you need to put aside the potato stalks and get serious about choosing agribusiness equipment. We had a customer who wanted the highest percentage of barley cleaning possible. And what did he do? Turned to us, of course!

We, as a true agri-team, thought about it and decided that we needed to use something special for this task, something that even Chuck Norris could call "pure awesome". And so, friends, we present you our hero - sieve grain cleaner with aspiration chamber BISS-2!

This miracle agro-terminator does not just clean the grain, it does it with such professionalism that you could even put it in a red tie and send it to a business meeting. With it, you can be sure that your grain will be cleaner than a sterile surgical instrument!

And this is what happened: our client took our advice, bought the BISS-2, and, oh miracle, got the maximum cleaning percentage of his barley! As they say, mission accomplished!

So, friends, if you too want to achieve outstanding results in agriculture, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to choose the ideal equipment. And remember, with BISS-2 your grain will be cleaner than a puppy after a bath!


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