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Screw adapter for grain dressing PN 14-2


The PN 14-2 seed dressing device is designed for precise and qualitative coating of seeds with special preparations before sowing in order to protect germinating crops from diseases and pests. The device is mounted on a screw conveyor of grain and with its help there is qualitative mixing and etching of grain in accordance with the specified flow rate of liquid recommended by manufacturers of preparations. The device is equipped with two nozzles, which at increase or decrease of pressure atomise different amount of working liquid. The set includes 4 atomisers, which can be interchanged depending on the required working fluid flow rate.  


Why choose PN 14-2

  • length - 650  

  • width - 370  

  • height - 230

  • weight - 19 kg 

  • device productivity - up to 14 tonnes per hour

  • number of nozzles, (pcs) - 2

  • pump model - shurflo 8000

  • pump capacity, (m3/min) - 0.68

  • voltage (v) - 230V

  • required length of grain conveyor - from 4m

  • Screw diameter 127 mm or 150 mm.

- The precise and unique system ensures uniform and accurate seed treatment with the preparation;
- Easy to use and easy to install. It takes no more than 15 minutes;
- Extensive kit consisting of 4 sets of different atomisers, long hoses, clamps, special measuring container for precise determination of the amount of sprayed preparation.
- Components from the world's leading manufacturers ensure quality and long-term performance. The device uses a diaphragm pump manufactured by Shurflo.
- Diaphragm pump, which sucks the working fluid itself and provides a uniform amount of atomised liquid in the system, is resistant to aggressive (chemical) environment;
- High productivity. The capacity of the unit is up to 14 tonnes per hour.

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