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Grain Treater PN

PN 3.png

PN 3

(capacity 1-3  t/h)


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Grain treater PN for pre-sowing preparation of grain crops. It features precise and uniform liquid delivery in a wide range of delivery speeds and gentle seed mixing. The extended auger ensures a better quality and uniform distribution of the seed dressing. The feeding can be manual or mechanical. The seed dressing is automatically mixed with the water in the tank of the machine. A basket filter is installed in the tank neck to prevent the ingress of solid particles. The treated grain can be discharged into sacks, big bags or on the bottom of a lorry.

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Accessible grain treater 3 t/h and 5 t/h

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1 year warranty

Feature table


  • Particularly gentle treatment of the product

  • Reliable and long product life

  • Flexible transport routes

  • Easy installation thanks to modular design

  • Low noise level

The performance parameters of the equipment are informative and vary according to the type, quality, moisture and degree of contamination of the material to be cleaned.

Video overview

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