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Sieve Grain Cleaner BISS



(capacity 13  t/h)

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The BISS 12 is a modern sieve separator designed for cleaning cereals, pulses, oilseeds, perennial and annual grasses and other crops, separating the waste into several fractions. The cleaning is done by sieving the grain through a sieve of a specific shape and size. The BISS is designed as a universal separator and can operate in pre-cleaning and final cleaning modes.

The BISS is available in three versions: the basic version of the separator, the version for light impurities with a blower or aspiration system.

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Models are available in various capacities and specifications (from 13 to 200 t/h).

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1 year warranty

Our other grain cleaners


Sieve grain cleaner UKS

АСМ5м 2 (1)_edited.jpg

AGM Aerodynamic Grain Cleaner

This separator model can effectively clean up to 3000 kg/h of grain using the sieves (which are easy to replace)

This separator model can effectively clean up to 5 t/h of grain using the air 

Feature table


  • High cleaning performance of various impurities in all geometric sizes.

  • Energy saving

  • Small dimensions

  • Quick screen change

  • Easy maintenance

  • Long service life due to advanced manufacturing process

  • Short payback period

The performance parameters of the equipment are informative and vary according to the type, quality, moisture and degree of contamination of the material to be cleaned.

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