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New Grain Treater PN Ultra -1 (2024) 

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Characterised by precise and uniform liquid delivery over a wide range of metering speeds and gentle mixing of the seed. The extended auger ensures high quality and uniform distribution of seed dressing. Loading can be manual or mechanised. The dressing liquid is automatically mixed with water in the tank of the machine. 

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Models are available in various capacities and

specifications (from 3 to 5 t/h).

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1 year warranty

Video overview

What have we improved? 

- Fluid delivery mechanism: 
The 5.5 bar pressurised liquid delivery system ensures uniform dressing of each grain. With the rotameter you can regulate all fluid delivery processes. 

- The housing has been redesigned for mounting the atomiser nozzles

- Pump with Shurflo automatic control system

- Changed control panel: no more complicated instructions and connections. 

- Motor from a reliable Polish manufacturer

- Protection on the hopper 

PN Ultra -1 Models

Feature table

Our other grain cleaners


Sieve grain cleaner BISS

АСМ5м 2 (1)_edited.jpg

AGM Aerodynamic Grain Cleaner


Drum pre-cleaner BS 5 

This separator model can effectively clean up to 13 t/h of grain using the sieves (which are easy to replace)

This separator model can effectively clean up to 5 t/h of grain using the air 

This is a state-of-the-art pre-cleaner capable of picking up coarse debris up to 5 t/h and is mounted on an AGM 5

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