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A story about a long search for a solution and a happy ending for a farmer who wanted to peel sesame

A year ago we were approached by a client from Romania called Andrei. He has a small farm and grows quite rare crops such as sesame. He told our manager the following story:

"We had been struggling for two years with how to clear sesame from alfalfa and it seemed that nothing would work. We tried everything from sieves to air separators, but it seemed like these seeds just never wanted to break up"

And our manager recommended that we try the then-new product Gravity Grain Cleaner WT 0.3

At first he was sceptical about it, but no sieves or aerodynamics did not help him and he agreed. We shipped Andrew the WT in 1 week and after a couple of weeks he sends us a video and a comment:

The sesame and alfalfa no longer mix and our cleaning process now runs like clockwork. The WT seems to work as if it was designed specifically for our needs. As for the sesame and alfalfa that I have been sent, they have surrendered before the power of this amazing equipment. It's even funny to think about how they might have resisted before!

We are no longer wasting time and money trying to separate these seeds and can concentrate on increasing our productivity and quality. Thank you so much to your agricultural company for solving this conundrum!"


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