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Upgraded old grain cleaner to our new UKS 0.6

Our grain cleaner was older than me and I thought I would have to retire it before the grain was cleaned. But when I contacted this company, they recommended the UKS 0.6. Now I can sit back, relax and watch my machine clean the grain by itself! Incredible progress, thank you!"

A farmer from France in mid summer 2023 sent us an enquiry for a new BISS 12-1 (with aspiration chamber and magnet) but as it turned out he didn't need such a high capacity and 99.9% clean grain so our manager recommended our smaller and more simplified UKS 0.6 sieve cleaner.

Our customer was cleaning quite common types of crops and we had all the sieves for his crops in stock so we delivered it quickly to our customer and he was very happy with the purchase.


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